Labour Inspection

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Labour Inspection

2009-08-25, Category: News

The Dutch Labour Inspection  Authority is excited about the Hytile Tilecutter.

The Dutch Labour Inspection Authority visited Hytile Europe BV and took notice of the discovery by the brothers Kranenborg.

Mr. J.R. Boer, Project Leader Strategy, Mr. C. Schliszka, Occupational Health Specialist and Mr. P. Zuidema, Labour Inspector, were all impressed by the Hytile Tilecutter.

There was plenty of time taken to talk about the device, and, in addition to the simplicity and effectiveness of the tool, the various safety reports were extensively discussed.

Finally an extended demonstration of the Hytile Tilecutter followed, with the gentlemen themselves cutting several tiles with ease.

After the Labour Inspection party’s visit, Gebr. Kranenborg received a letter from the Labour Inspection Authority confirming that the Hytile Tilecutter hardly produced any respirable quartz or silica and that it was simple to operate. The letter concluded that the Labour Inspection Authority could not find any objection to the use of the device.

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