Why Buy Hytile

Why buy HYTILE

Current situation

Current situation - cutting tiles

Current situation

Current situation - cleaning roof

When using the Hytile Tilecutter:

It's safer.
No more dangerous cutting of tiles up on the roof. And you no longer have to worry about using power cables.

It's quicker.
As our videos show, cutting of a tile takes just a few seconds.

It's healthier.
Exposure to life-threatening silica dust is virtually eliminated.

It's cleaner.
The roof and environment remain free from dust and cut-off bits of tile, saving you much time cleaning up the jobsite.

It's cheaper.
No more expensive machinery and other material, like saws, grinders, diamond blades, vacuum control, leaf blowers etc. required, saving you thousands of Euros.

It's user friendly.
The design of HYTILE equipment is not the result of chance. The tool has been perfected over more than 4 decades and incorporates ongoing feedback from the roof tilers themselves - the men who actually use the equipment! This has enabled us to design a product which not only reduces back strain, but which gives roof tilers a more productive and longer working life.

It's more reliable.
It does the job it’s been designed to do. (This sounds simple enough but is not always the case.) Moreover, it does its job well, and it keeps on doing it - fast and efficiently.

It's more durable.
The tool works hard and is handled hard. It must be able to take such treatment and it does so with ease.


Still not convinced?! Then please watch our Tilecutter Videos - they say it all.

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