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TNO approves Hytile Tilecutter

2009-11-20, Category: News

Hytile Europe BV recently commissioned TNO (institute for applied scientific research) to determine the amount of airborne quartz in the breathing zone of an operator of a Hytile Tilecutter.

The measured results are compared to the current GSW for airborne quartz (0.075 mg/m³). The test was based on the standardized daily production level, namely, cutting 500 roof tiles (80 straight metres) per eight-hour working day. The work was performed in a closed space (TNO Worst Case Room).

The concentrations of airborne quartz in the operator’s breathing zone in the TNO Worst Case Room vary between < 0.012 and 0.020 mg/m³ measured as a Time-weighed Average (TGG for Tijdgewogen Gemiddelde) over an eight-hour working day (GSW TGG-8u).

The concentration of airborne quartz would be significantly lower in the open air (on a roof). TNO uses a dilution factor of 5. This means that the concentration of airborne quartz, while cutting 500 roof tiles in the open air over the duration of an eight-hour working day would amount to less than 0.005 mg/m³.

This means that the Hytile Tilecutter is characterized as a dust-free power tool.

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